How Long Do Lash Extensions Last?

How Long Do Lash Extensions Last?

If you’re considering lash extensions, one of the things you’ve probably wondered is “How long do lash extensions last?”


Well, we're here to tell you: it’s not that simple.


That may not be the answer you’re looking for. I wish it was an easy question to answer but it’s a lot more complicated that you’d think. There are plenty of factors that can play into the overall retention of the lash extension. Fortunately for you, we will break it down and cover all the bases.


So, how long do lash extensions really last?


Most eyelash extensions look full and fluffy for 2-4 weeks

During these 2-4 weeks, the extensions will still look and feel luscious and full but at some point during this period is where the transition happens. Within these 2-4 weeks is where they go from fluffy and full, and start to look a little more sparse.


Time for a fill

When your lashes start to transition from fluffy and full, and start looking a little less great, is when you’ll need to book a fill or touch up appointment. Whether your lashes last 2 weeks or 4 weeks before needing a fill depends on a number of things, including how fast your natural lashes grow, how well you take care of them, as well as the type of lash extensions you got. There are plenty of things you can do to take better care of your lash extensions and ensure you have the best chance at long lasting lash sets.


If you leave them

Did you know your natural eyelashes fall out every 45-60 days? So almost every 2 months, you have a whole new set of lashes! This means technically your lash extensions will last as long as your natural lashes do. But to extend the life of them, it is recommended you go for a fill every 2-3 weeks to fill in any sparse areas. 


How to ensure you get the best lash retention?


Wash your extensions daily

Washing your lash extensions daily using a proper lash cleanser will help keep your lashes free of oil, dirt, and other debris. Not doing so drastically decreases the lash retention. Keep your lashes clean and they will stick around.


Make sure you brush them

Brushing your lashes with a lash wand daily after cleaning is recommended for keeping them looking fluffy and luscious. You want them looking their best.


Wash your face

Did you know that even if you wash your lashes with a lash cleanser ever day, you can still end up with retention issues if you don’t wash your face? The oils from our face can still make it to our natural lash follicles and break down the adhesive.


Don’t do this to your lash extensions.


Stay away from heat

Getting too close to an oven or fire can cause your lashes to singe. Maybe let someone else start the campfire.


Don't pick your lash extensions

You’d be surprised how many people do this. It’s hard to follow because we do this subconsciously, but the more you can resist the urge to rub or pick at your lash extensions, the better off they’ll be.


Don't sleep on your face

This one is extremely hard for me, personally, but there are a few things you can do to help solve the issue. Using a satin or silk eye mask or pillowcase can reduce the roughness on the extensions.

Stop using heavy eye makeup

Eye makeup can negatively impact extension retention. Dont even think about applying mascara! Keep your eye makeup light.


Eyelash extension retention

Eyelash extension maintenance can vary depending on how well you have taken care of them. By keeping a proper maintenance routine, You can ensure the best retention possible and have them looking luscious, longer.

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